Preferable II

Personalised Exercise-Oncology for improvement of supportive care: a super umbrella trial to demonstrate the (cost)effectiveness of live-remote exercise in cancer survivors

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01/03/2023 - News
What is PREFERABLE-II? PREFERABLE-II is a 5-year project in which European and Australian researchers collaborate to improve the quality of life of cancer survivors by lowering the burden of treatment-related side effects through exercise. In addition, they also aim to improve the availability, access, and awareness of exercise-based supportive care interventions.
08/11/2022 - News
Kick-off meeting in Utrecht, NL
The PREFERABLE II project kicked-off November 2022. Clinicians and researchers from around Europe and Australia are excited to start this project on personalized and live-remote exercise for cancer patients to improve supportive care.
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PREFERABLE II consists of an international consortium of twelve academic partners, one cutting edge game development and software engineering SME, an academic clinical research organisation and one European patient organisation (European Cancer Patient Coalition). The partners are from seven countries: the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, UK and Australia and are coordinated by the University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands.